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Top 10 Used Cars Under $2,000 for 2017

List of top 10 Used Cars Under $2,000

1# 2003 Honda Civic EX: The popular Honda Civic has several convenience features that you would surely love to drive. It includes 1.7 L 14 engine which generates 117 horsepower. The attractive four-wheel car looks great that also is a spacious interior design, fuel efficient and completely dependable. You can save a lot of money if you opt for this car. [Price: $2,000]

2003 Honda Civic EX:
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2# 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan: Among the many cheap used cars, Dodge Grand Caravan has a luxurious exterior design. Its big power-train approaches from 3.3 L V6 engine which generates 180 horsepower, whereas the higher one has the capacity to contribute 215 horsepower from its 3.8 L engine. The mileage capacity of the car is 253000 miles. Grand Caravan is an amazing family car which can be used every day. [Price: $1,043]

Used Cars Under $2,000
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Best used cars before 2000 under 2000 $

3# 1999 Chrysler Town & Country: This car features a cool style with comfortable seats that would make you enjoy the ride. Its color too is vibrant. Chrysler’s 3.3 L V6 engine generates up to 158 hp whereas its 3.8 L delivers 180 horsepower, elevated drive-train. Chrysler has standard equipment like AC, power door mirrors, remote keyless entry, etc. [Price: $1,500]

1999 Chrysler Town & Country
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4# 1995 Nissan Quest: This is yet another popular used car that uses a V6 engine. It is powered by customary gas fuel in the capacity of 3 liters along with 6-cylinder to form its 151 HP. Nissan has an automatic transmission for its front wheel drive which has four speeds on two choices which can be explored. The other features of Quest include 3 doors along with power door mirror for GXE variety; tilt steering wheel for GXE and GE varieties; mounted audio control on GXE variety; 4 speakers; and alloy with leather coverage steering wheel for GEX variety. It has 3 rows of a seat for 7 people. [Price: $1,434]

1995 Nissan Quest
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5# 1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE: Pontiac Grand Am SE is among those cheap used cars whose price is pretty affordable. It is a perfect family car as one can acquire a consistent 4-cylinder and automatic transmission. Grand Am SE’s 2.4 L 1-4 engine generates power up to 150 hp. It also has a comfortable seating, 2-doors, four-wheel drive system and other convenient features. [Price: $617]

1999 Pontiac Grand Am SE
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6# 1996 Ford Econoline E-150: Those you require a cargo used cars below $2,000, then Ford Econoline E-150 is just ideal for you. As this car has three types of engine, you can select one among them.
First: V8 engine uses 3-speed automatic transmissions for 5.8-liter capacity that generates 205 HP.
Second: V8 engine uses 4-speed transmissions for 5-liter capacity that generates 199 HP.
Third: I6 engine uses 3- speed transmissions for 4.9-liter capacity that generates 148 HP. [Price: $839]

6# 1996 Ford Econoline E-150
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7# 1993 Buick LeSabre Custom: LeSabre Custom has a V6 engine with its 3.8-liter capacity to produce 170 HP. The rider will also obtain automatic transmission along with 4 speeds. There are power windows, tilt steering wheel along with power steering, ABS brakes, 4 speakers used with radio player, and a CD player. [Price: below $2000]

1993 Buick LeSabre Custom
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8# 1994 Toyota Camry: Toyota Camry has two kinds of engine: the first one with I4 engine along with 2.2-liter capacity which can produce 125 HP; second with V6 engine along with a 3-liter capacity to produce 3its 188 HP. On the automatic transmission, you will get 4 speeds only, and with the manual transmission, you will get 5 speeds. [Price: $839]

1994 Toyota Camry
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9# 1992 Toyota Celica: Toyota Celica comprises of I4 engines which have three distinct capacities that you can select – the first one is 2-liter capacity which can produce 135 HP, the second one is 2.2-liter capacity which can produce 200 HP, and the last one is 1.6-liter capacity that can produce 103 HP. On the automatic transmission, you will get 4 speed only, and for manual transmission 5 speeds. [Price: $1,016]

1992 Toyota Celica
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10# 1997 Saturn SL: This model has 4 kinds of cars – SC1 type with 2 doors, SW1, SL1, and SL types with 4 doors. It has I4 engine inside with 1.9-liter capacity that can generate power around 100 to 124 HP. On the automatic transmission, you will acquire 4 speeds whereas for the manual transmission you will acquire 5 speeds. [Price: $701]

used car under $2,000 1997 Saturn SL
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After going through the above used cars below $2000, hope you would surely buy your favorite one. Do share your views on your experience & If your search for finding used cars is not complete from this list comment below.I will find best cars for you.

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