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Top 10 Reliable Used Cars for Families

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Used cars are easily available for families as they are safe and economical to run, and pleasurable to drive too. The most significant factor in deciding on the used car is its reliability. Nowadays lots of choices are accessible in the automobile market on the used family cars that you are sure to find your preferred car that will offer you space, consistency, and practicality you’re looking for, blended with quality, comfort, and style you want. Also, the modern family cars add hi-fi entertainment systems that permit you to stream soothing music directly from your smartphone, and few are awesome to drive just as giving you a feel of a sports car. We’ve presented the top 10 new used cars near you which will help you to pick the best used family car.

1# Volkswagen Golf

new used cars near me Volkswagen Golf
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Volkswagen Golf is a remarkable all-rounder family car, blending sufficient space, good comfort, 6 trims, and high-quality interior for family members. It adds classy stylization and Volkswagen badge which signifies that it is an attractive car, accessible in less expensive price. It even demands a slight premium, but your pay is worth getting such precious car.

Volkswagen Golf is 2013 1.4 TSI SE 5dr, 30,000 miles, 25/35 mpg, $19,895-$28,815.

2# Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer - best used cars online
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The extraordinary Mitsubishi Lancer rides efficiently on road and the most preferred family car. The repairing of this car is done within an hour’s time as the average repair price is quite minimal. Its’ interior is spacious, cheap, reliable, sophisticated, durable and high quality car. It comes with 5 seats, 7 airbags, wide-angle rearview camera, LED running lights, super efficiency, and many other hi-tech features.

Mitsubishi Lancer is: 100,000-mile power train warranty, $17,795-$21,300.

3# Honda Civic

Honda Civic used cars for sale

Honda Civic is an exceptional choice for you as it owns an unbelievable record, with high-rated performance and hardly any faults to be found. It offers big boot, roomy seats, upscale cabin, crisp handling, smooth ride, brilliant fuel economy, and clever rear seats which flip up in cinema manner and suits elevated items too. The dependability of Civic is great for which you can opt for anytime.

Honda Civic is: 2014 1.6 i-DTEC SE, 26,000 miles, approximately $23,700-$26,500.

4#Ford Focus

Ford Focus browse used cars online
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Known to be Britain’s most trendy family hatchback, the Ford Focus is of superior value. When you browse for the best used cars online, you’ll find that the Ford Focus is great to run and cheap to purchase too. You’ll feel cool to drive, along with receptive steering and vigorous chassis. Many people can experience lively when they select Ford Focus with a 1.0-liter turbo engine. This omnipresent Titanium-spec model acquires many types of equipment too.

Ford Focus is: 2013 1.0 Eco-boost Titanium Navigator, 29,000 miles, 5 trims, $17,650-$24,950.

5# Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia 2013 used car

While checking out the best-used cars online, the Skoda Octavia will catch your eyes definitely, being the most preferred with family buyers. It offers awesome performance, a huge space for the rear-seat passengers, a comfortable ride, smart look, top-notch quality, along with compiled handling. The sedan supplements with three powertrain options: 1.4-litre TSI petrol, 1.8-liter TSI petrol, and 2.0-liter TDI diesel. Octavia is an incredible car and the best family car.

Skoda Octavia is 2013 1.4 TSI Modishness, full-service history, $6,309.

6# BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series is: 2013 model 116i Sport used car

BMW 1 comes with a perfect family hatchback package mixed with high quality and super-exciting driving style. Though it might not be as spacious as might be expected, BMS 1 Series doesn’t compromise on its excellent quality. It even provides you with choices of resourceful engines.

BMW 1 Series is: 2013 model 116i Sport, 26,000 miles, 5 trims, $22,278-$34,519. 

7# Audi A3

Audi A3 2013 model used cars
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Among the many new used cars near you, Audi A3 is an amazing family hatchback which was glorified as 2017’s Family Car of the Year. As a used car it is quite expensive because it embraces its value very nicely. It is absolutely spacious, better quality interior along with the great ride, magnificently designed dashboard, proper handling, 5-passenger seating and good engine variation to select from, which signifies that the car is worthy of its costly price. If you can manage to buy it, you can opt for this car.

Audi A3 is: 2013 model, 1.4 TFSI Sportback Sport, 29,000 miles, $32,150-$41,250.

8# Mazda 3

Mazda 3 2014 used cars online
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If you want to ride a car which provides great fuel economy, giving you diesel and petrol versions, then you should look for the new Mazda 3 that approaches with its three versions- sport, touring and grand touring. It even treats you with a radiant, involving chassis if you come across a slightly twisty road. Mazda 3 accompanies fun with moderation, yet desirable. You can even select a trim and transmission ‘auto or manual’ which best suits your needs.

Mazda 3 is: 2014 2.0 SE-L, 21,000 miles, 5 trims, $18,895-$24,195.

9# Nissan Pulsar

New Nissan Pulsar 2014 used car
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Nissan Pulsar is yet another happening used family used car. It presents you lots of equipment, massive amounts of space at the back seats and boot, and a calm driving experience. The Pulsar guarantees you practical family monitoring and years of dependability. You’ll completely be impressed by driving the Pulsar that approaches with petrol variant of 1.6-I and diesel variant of 1.5-I drive-train. According to experts, Nissan Pulsar’s 1.2-I petrol unit is good because of its durability and flexibility.

Nissan Pulsar is: 2014 1.5 dCi Acenta, 21,000 miles, 4 trims, approximately $18,000.

10# Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius used cars carpace

Toyota Prius is the best Hybrid car available with superb cargo room, well-maintained interior, composed and comfortable ride, and exceptional fuel economy estimates. This vehicle is perfectly fitted to the family life where it is very spacious for leg room and also a fully flat floor for a mid-rear passenger. Its unique fuel economy has appealed many buyers to visit its showroom and purchase the model too.

Toyota Prius is approximate $25,165-$26,735.

Hence, you can now effortlessly choose your favorite car from the above top-ranked new used family cars that are highly reliable!



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