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Six Steps For Buying A Used Car Without Getting Screwed

Buying a used car

There are a handful moments which fill you with happiness and a feeling of pride. Is buying your own vehicle car one of those moments for you? Wish to buy a new car but don’t have enough resources to do so? Don’t you worry, because there is a monetarily efficient and better deal:  BUYING A USED CAR!

Here are few steps to follow when you buy a used car:

  • Know what you have and what you want: The first step would be to ask yourself a few questions and list down the answers. The questions should include the following:
  • How much money can you afford to spend? This will not only help you figure out the best deal you can get but also plan your method of payment. Financial aids like loans are also provided for by a few banks for this and you can look up these options too!
  • Which Car do you want? The used car market is rapidly growing and to make a rational decision it is important to know which car you want. The car should meet your need. For example, if you are a family of more than five people it is better to buy SUV. It is essential to decide if one needs a diesel car or petrol car as well. There are many such other things to consider – interiors in your car, the kind of suspension you want, the kind of options you require such as steering adjustment, how luxurious do you need your interiors to be and so on.Used cars for sale                                                    Img Source – carfromjapan 
  • Browse your options and get a second opinion: Investing in a car is an important and expensive decision, thus it is essential to compare your options and get a second opinion. Checking your car value could be done online through various websites, online brokers or agents. A few websites like Carpace have an impeccable inventory, which allows one to browse new used cars by categories. It also has a live chat box where you can enter your concerns and queries. It could also be done on the field by checking out different stores which sell second-hand cars. Once you have narrowed down your options it is wise to get a second opinion and reviews from sources like automobile surveys, current customer satisfaction of the cars you wish to buy or people working with or selling cars.
  • Know your car and its history: When you’ve almost decided on a car it is helpful to know more about the history of the vehicle car. How old is the car is one thing that you need to get accurate info about! Online platforms like Carpace sell cars which are only one to three years old and look and feel brand new. Knowing who the car belonged to, how many miles they traveled in it and how satisfied they were with the car will help you buy a new used car. The mileage the car gave along with its power and performance. Learning about the service history of the vehicle car can help better understand your car.
  • Check your car: It is imperative to test drive and check the structure and functioning of the car. Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing so:-

    People at mechanic with car
    People & mechanic (img
  • Check the car in daylight to prevent missing any damages.
  • Test drive in as many conditions as possible like heavy traffic and highways.
  • Ensure to check for the brake and engine functioning. Insist starting a vehicle car from the cold since a cold engine gives away more than one at operating temperatures. To check the engine functioning it helps to not only check the odometer readings but also get a mechanic to look at the engine and its extent of wear and tear. Sometimes the engine sizes are relabeled and the smaller ones are sold as larger ones, so make sure to have the engine thoroughly checked.
  • Documents: Once you have almost made up your mind about the car it is essential to check the car documents. Some of these documents are:
  • The original Registration Certificate: Beware of the words DRC which stand for Duplicate Registration Certificate printed on it
  • The RTO tax receipt which must be paid by the original owner.
  • The car’s original invoice which has details about the car’s chassis and engine
  • The insurance papers 
  • A title with no lien on it
  • Buying a Brand New Used Car: It is wise to have the insurance transferred to your name and get the car fully serviced. Once you have done all your research it is finally time to buy the brand new used car and enjoy your moment of happiness and pride!


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