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Safety Facts To Highlight To Avoid Teen Car Crashes

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Car crashes have increased among the teenagers driving rashly in the United States; to the extent, these young drivers aged between 16 to 19 years get engaged in serious car accidents at a rate of four times higher than the adult drivers. These youngsters should experience driver safety training and awareness sessions to be more alert when driving on road. Teenage drivers should take part in the National Teen Driver Safety Awareness Week that provides few significant statistics and details regarding teen safe driving. Parents should give a reality check to their teen drivers when they set off to drive new used cars.

Car driving needs a lot of concentration and patience along with proper skills and it gets improved with passing years of experience and absolute practice. Teen car drivers are vulnerable to make more driving mistakes. Approximately 800 crashes were evaluated in April including teen drivers among which 75% crashes featured driver error.

Teen Car Crashes Reasons Few important safety facts teens should follow to drive safe and sound

  • Driving cars too fast: Teen drivers drive very fast even on polished roads, as a result of which they meet with accidents. There are nearly 21% accidents which hit the roads with teens driving the used cars Hence, the parents should remind their teen children to drive slow and steady.
  • Lack of scanning: Scanning is considered as the step of monitoring the adjacent areas for the danger that might occur in front of the car and also far forth of the car and on either side of the car too. As per the study, 21% of the sudden accidents occur because of lack of scanning which requires spotting and responding instantly to the dangers.
  • Distractions of the driver: Teen drivers should avoid any kind of activities which diverts their attention and focus on driving on road, and this is mainly for the new drivers. These distractions cover texting, continuous talking on phone, programming GPS, and changing music frequently. There is a tendency of the fatal crash occurring often as a teen drives with his two or three friends, which should be avoided completely.
  • Malfunction of used cars: As a teen driver lacks proper information on car safety and accurate maintenance, they are most likely to undergo a car malfunction. The teen drives should have complete knowledge regarding regular maintenance of a car.
  • Driving in poor weather: In poor weather, especially when it rains heavily, the condition of the roads becomes hazardous. The visibility might be also short because of tremendous rainfall. Hence, the teen drivers should be extra careful and alert and should certainly drive slowly.

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  • Driving drowsily: At times the teens feel sleepy and they drowse off when driving. Or, they may be slightly drunk and feeling drowsy. In this stage, if they drive, they may hit the divider or may drive irregularly. It is better that they should be guided at training center as well as by their parents at home.
  • Driving aggressively: The teenage drivers try to show off their driving skills in front of their friends, and in order to do so they drive aggressively which involves speed driving, disobeying traffic rules, inconsistent lane changes, etc.
  • Driving when intoxicated: Teenagers shouldn’t drive cars at all when they have drunk alcohol or taken drugs. In the United States, police will put them to jail directly on finding them guilty.

Parents to encourage safe driving skills to teens while driving used cars  

Parents should play an active role in guiding their teenagers to drive safely. They should learn driving the used cars perfectly, first at driving school and then practice driving themselves on roads. They should also hold a driving license, every time they drive. Parents should be free and accessible for driving practices as well as giving feedback about their driving once in a while. They can also recommend their teen’s potency and weakness as a driver, and advise them to improve gradually with regular practice.

Is your teen’s car safe?

Teens should have a look at the manual book kept in the car to know more about the vehicle’s safety features. They can also be aware of how their car executed in the 5-star safety ratings that are carried out by National Highway Traffic Safety Association [NHTSA]. If a parent is planning to buy a new used car for their teen, they should firstly browse used cars online from CAR PACE and then select the best one that offers the best price. You’ll receive an excellent service from the dealership once you buy your preferred car!

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