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Why should You never Ride with your Feet on the Dashboard of your New Used Cars?

Dashboard of your Car

The idea of going on a road trip through new used cars sounds so awesome; be it solo drive or with friends or family. For those road trippers, the moment they get inside to the passenger seat of a used car, they tend to sit comfortably, scooch down on their seats by getting cozy, roll down the car window, put on the music and pop up their feet up on the dash. Many of the guys and girls while sitting beside the driver seat want to lazily sit and put their two feet on the dash. It happens mainly in the summertime when it’s very hot, and those wearing shorts want to keep their legs above the dash and engage in mobiles. It is really unsafe to act like this. You are actually inviting an accident to occur that will surely hit you badly.

Danger waiting ahead

When you relax with your feats on the dash of the new used cars, gradually the airbags set out anywhere between 100 and 220 miles per hour’s time which is very high of a velocity for any person to counter. When the airbags will deploy, it will harm your body parts, especially your feet, arms, face, and that person is hospitalized and they might not walk again. In order to stop such situation happening, it is advised to every person not to act stupid with feet on the dash, whether they are new used cars or not. Stay safe for yourself!

  • Airbags deploy between 100 to 220 miles/hour.
  • It bursts out suddenly.
  • Hampers your body parts.
  • You can’t help yourself facing this accident. 
  • New Used Cars

    A small accident experience shared by Audra Tatum

    A woman’s real-life story might help you think before you lift your feet up on the dashboard. After hearing her harrowing experience in her used cars, you will realize that it is not worth taking risk of your life and putting yourself in a hazardous situation. You will forget about your comfort zone altogether.In the year 2015, a woman Audra Tatum from Walker Country, Georgia, USA, sat in the front seat of their car where her hubby was driving it. She was pretty much enjoying her drive as she set her feet casually on the car’s dashboard. Suddenly the car was T-boned at crossroads. Soon after the airbags got deployed; this forced Audra’s feet straight into her face. Oh my god, a mother of three broke her nose drastically, smashed her femur, her arm and her shoulder in four different places.

     Couple driving on highway
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    Audra would often place her feet on the dash when she rode in the passenger seat of her cars. Unlucky, two years back that was the horrible day of her life when she met with such disastrous accident. She told the news agencies of Georgia, “My whole right side was actually broken. Legs propped up on the car’s dashboard will break your body badly for the whole of your life.” Her hubby used to remind her again and again that if by chance they have a wreck; it would break your leg. But she never paid serious attention to it. “I dismissed his words completely.” She further said, “The airbags deploy between 100 and 220 miles in an hour and your and can send your knees via your eye sockets.”

    Car Accident
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    Audra Tatum was driving quickly to her parents’ place to pick her two sons when another car T-boned both of them. She conveyed, “While the airbag made a big explosion, it shoved my foot up into my face. This force made my ankle, femur, shoulder and nose break.”

    The post updated by Chattanooga Fire Department read: “If you’re riding with your feet kept on the dash and you meet an accident, your knees will be sent by the airbag through your eye sockets.” This post got more than 2,000 shares.

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    The moment Audra reached the hospital soon after her hurtle; the docs said that if she would have kept her feet on the car floor, Audra wouldn’t have faced any such issues. Even after two years later, Audra Tatum still has to cope with the pain she got from her accident. Audra told, “I regret every single day of my life, every hour of the day that I didn’t listen to my hubby. Every time when I put pressure on my leg, I can feel it myself….never ever sit like that.” She is now using her accident to spread awareness among people about the key risks related to this habit.

    car accident
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    car feet on desk accident
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    Just like Tatum, in 2010, Bethany Benson, 22-year-old girl placed her feet on the dash while her boyfriend hit a tractor-trailer which stopped on the highway suddenly. Her cheekbone and eye-socket got cracked. Her feet also crashed against her face that was the reason of her brain to bleed. Though Benson survived, still bleeding of the brain has left her with hearing issues and a lifelong memory.


    Guys and girls kindly spread this important message among your friend circle that while they get into their new used cars, they shouldn’t ever put their feet on the dashboard! Share your comments if you ever faced any such accident in your life!

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