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Safety Facts To Highlight To Avoid Teen Car Crashes

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Car crashes have increased among the teenagers driving rashly in the United States; to the extent, these young drivers aged between 16 to 19 years get engaged in serious car accidents at a rate of four times higher than the adult drivers. These youngsters should experience driver safety training and awareness sessions to be more alert when driving on road. Teenage drivers should take part in the National Teen Driver Safety Awareness Week that provides few significant statistics and details regarding teen safe driving. Parents should give a reality check to their teen drivers when they set off to drive new used cars.

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Why should You never Ride with your Feet on the Dashboard of your New Used Cars?

Dashboard of your Car

The idea of going on a road trip through new used cars sounds so awesome; be it solo drive or with friends or family. For those road trippers, the moment they get inside to the passenger seat of a used car, they tend to sit comfortably, scooch down on their seats by getting cozy, roll down the car window, put on the music and pop up their feet up on the dash. Many of the guys and girls while sitting beside the driver seat want to lazily sit and put their two feet on the dash. It happens mainly in the summertime when it’s very hot, and those wearing shorts want to keep their legs above the dash and engage in mobiles. It is really unsafe to act like this. You are actually inviting an accident to occur that will surely hit you badly.

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