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5 Best Used Cars In Texas At Best Prices 2017



Texas is a huge place spreading across a wide land area. It is even the second largest state in the United States, in both area-wise (just after Alaska) and population (just after California). Thus owning used vehicles which are equal to the state’s perfect size and diversity is crucial to the living and working in Texas. This is the reason why we’ve mentioned the list of five best used cars in Texas at good prices.

The Popular Used Cars in Texas

  • Ford F-150: Numerous top used cares are the quick pickups in the state of Texas. Ford F-150 is considered as one of the most popular used cars in Texas. It is regarded as the first choice that runs smoothly on roads. This model never turns old. Best thing of Ford is its vast ranges of options available from the factory, including special editions built only at Texas. Ford F-150 is the most proficient all-around cars accessible for a daily drive in the state and for weekend activities too. Texans would love to drive this royal car down the town. Approximate Price : $27,380


Ford F-150

  • Chevy Silverado 1500: The second best selling in Texas is Chevy Silverado 1500. This fits perfectly between the Ford and the Ram as Texas’s second best-selling used vehicle, even when bought new. The model of Silverado 1500 is accessible in every kind of configuration you could have thought of in your dreams and its varieties you might not have imagined also.

Texas automobile market has an extensive adoption of this model covering F-150, Ram and Silverado 1500 that are affordable at good discounts. The latest Chevrolet Silverado 1500 of 2017 is very strong, more than the last years. It is easily available in plenty, in distinct variations and trim levels. Whether you want to buy it for work purpose or traveling, this is the right choice for the customers. Silverado 1500 is a trusted vehicle and has been awarded frequently for its excellent quality. Approximate Price: $28,900.

  • Dodge Ram 1500: Dodge Ram 1500 would be a superb selection for Texans. This is a go-where, rugged vehicle. The standard features of Dodge Ram 1500 cover 20-inch plus wheels, ABS brakes, AC, AM/FM stereo, vinyl seats, automatic transmission, Bluetooth, diesel engine, cruise control, auxiliary audio input, power locks, power windows, power mirrors, side airbags, tow hitch, and traction control. The vehicle’s engine size is a 3.00L engine, along with 6 cylinders, 6-seater, turbo diesel engine, 8-speed automatic, 240 horsepower@3600rpm, 2WD drive type and many more specifications. Base price: $26,495.Dodge Ram 1500 db
  • Non-Truck Alternative- Chevy Volt: This is yet another classy vehicle that customers can buy and drive on Texas roads. Most buyers have their eyes on the first-generation Chevy Volt This vehicle is American-engineered and fabricated for both durability and gas mileage. Volt is certainly a smart purchase because of its authorized 100,000-mile battery warranty/10 year. Along with 40 miles of all-electric range, the Chevy Volt can take its commuters to the workplace in Texan city and back to home.

    Chevrolet Volts, Washington DC
    Chevrolet Volts, Washington DC

This vehicle works like a clean electric car for 53 miles (plus gasoline), but entire range is approximately 420 miles. It is known as world’s most trendy plug-in hybrid. Chevy Volt drives faster and its design is very cool and satisfying. The body type is a sedan, with plug-in hybrid technology, battery size 18kWh and charging rate 3.6 kW. Base Price: $33,200.

  • Toyota Camry: Toyota Camry is Texan city’s most stylish and popular sedan. It is considered as one of the top five trendy cars in Texas. It has a sporty interior – a cockpit ready for the fast lane in Texas. Those driving enthusiasts will value the front sports seats of Toyota Camry. Camry is the most affordable, reliable and comfortable car which is simple to maintain and economical to used cars in texas Toyota Camry le

Camry gives a tough competition to other vehicles of its range. It also includes designer comfort – an impressively fashionable and gratifying space. When the weather turns extremely cold, accessible heated front seats will aid you to stay comfortable and warm. Camry has creative technology that foresees your requirement. The wireless charger accessible on Camry allows you to put your Qi-compatible device upon the nonslip surface to charge up wirelessly. It also includes remarkable V6 power, 3.5 liters. Best Price: $19,464.

Quality Used Cars in Texas

Texas possesses quality used cars that are highly in demand among its customers. They have the best used car dealers where integrity and honesty is their only marketing plan. Their automobile companies’ main motto and everyday goal are to get a large number of Texans back on roads. They sell quality vehicles and do servicing of used cars whenever required. They are also the Certified Repair Mechanics as they have their own Service Center. Their mechanics are well-trained, certified and expert technicians. Customers can schedule a service appointment when they feel their cars need proper servicing.

There are various automobile showrooms who sell cheap used cars in distinct parts of Texas. Thus, customers can anytime contact Texas’s automobile dealerships and purchase their best used cars available! Well, please share your views about any of the above vehicles you might have purchased!

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