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10 Best Trendiest Cars Bought By Pet Owners in 2017

best cars for dogs
These are the best cars for dogs

Pet lovers are gradually growing with many people owning dogs or cats and make them a part of their family. You might be a crazy pet lover, calling your small, medium or big dogs as your own kids. Now they can take their pet dogs or cats for a ride in cars without any hesitation. Whether you want to have an economical or pricey car for yourself, you can adjust your animals in it, varying from small to big, from sweet little pocket puppies to large canines.  In the automotive market, you will get the best deals accessible on the new used cars.

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10 Popular Cars purchased by Pet Owners   

1# 2012 Ford F-150 2WD SuperCab 145” XLT: F-0150 is basically a full-size pickup truck that possesses superb towing and a range of powertrain and trims options which helps the buyers to arrange the engine, bed, and cab, to go well with their particular cargo, comfort, and performance requirements. It can add three to six passengers relying on the cab choice and also 65.5 cubic-feet storing place at the back for your doggies to sit inside. Cargo volume: 65.6 cubic feet

2012 Ford F-150 Photo

MSRP- $31,800 / Market Average: $27,983 / Prospective Discount: $3,817 or 12.0%

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2# 2012 Honda CR-V 2WD 5dr EX: Honda comprises of two cars falling in the 10 best cars for the pet owners and its popularity is tremendous because of its huge status for five-passenger capacity, high quality, space and 37.2 cubic feet storage area just behind the second row. This car vehicle has fuel economy paced at 23-city, 26.8 mixed miles per gallon, and 31-highway. You can also put the back seat down. With 70.0 cubic-feet space, you can adjust your dog inside and take your friend for a round.  Passenger volume: $370 or 1.5%

2012 Honda CR-V 2WD 5dr EX photo

MSRP: $25,425 / Average Market Price: $25,055/ Prospective Discount: $370 or 1.5%

3# 2012 Toyota Corolla Sedan Auto S: Among the cars of this list, Sedan Auto S is the smallest from inside with only passenger space of 92.1 cubic-feet and also it includes the smallest trunk [12.3 cubic-feet] which is a favorite for pet owners. This car vehicle’s back seat is flexible for transportation of few people, small bets or a canary that would fit in easily. Passenger volume: $1,164 or 5.9%

2012 Toyota Corolla Sedan Auto S photo

MSRP: $19,580 / Average Market Price: $18,416 / Prospective Discount: $1,164 or 5.9%

4# 2012 Toyota RAV4 FWD 4-door I4: Toyota acquires four specific vehicles on this popular car list, including every car section for the pet owners varying from every size and shape. Its features cover a midsize sporty look with reasonable price, passenger volume of 132 cubic-feet, second-row seating and optional third-row kid-friendly. Space inside is slightly less [varying from 12.3 cubic-feet along with the third row up towards 73 cubic-feet, also with the second and third row down], as compared to other cars. The approach to the rear cargo area is through side-hinged cargo door. A bit of adjustment is required if you are pitting in big pets or carriers. Passenger volume: 132 cubic-feet and 12.3 cubic-feet: Rear interior cargo.

2012 Toyota RAV4 FWD 4-door I4 photo
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MSRP: $23,460 / Average Market Price: $22,147 / Prospective Discount: $1,313 or 5.6%

5# 2012 Ford Escape FWD 4-door XLS: The features of Ford Escape comprises of seating capacity for five people, cargo place of 34.3 cubic-feet for big-size dogs, fuel economy rated at 33 mpg, a towing power of 3500 pounds, cargo capacity up to 67.8 cubic feet, and hands-free lift-gate that can be lifted with only a kick so that dogs can easily make their space in it. Passenger volume: 99.5 cubic-feet along with Rear interior cargo: 34.3 cubic feet

2012 Ford Escape FWD 4-Door XLS Photo
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MSRP: $22,265 / Average Market Price: $19,344 / Prospective Discount: $2,921 or 13.1%

6# 2012 Subaru Outback 4-door Wagon H4 Auto 2.5i: Subaru Outback has been identified as its top safest car for the third consecutive year. Features of Outdoor include a capacity of five passengers, 21.3 combined miles/gallon, 25-highway, and 256-horsepower/3.6-liter six-cylinder engine matched up with a 5-speed automatic transmission so as to provide fuel economy paced at 18-city. You can effortlessly load two-three pets at the 34.3 cubic feet of rear interior space. Passenger volume: 105 cubic feet along with Rear interior cargo: 34.3 cubic-feet

2011 Subaru Outback Photos
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MSRP: $25,070 / Average Market Price: $23,824 / Prospective Discount: $1,246 or 5.0%

7# 2012 Honda Civic Sedan Auto LX: Honda Civic is large on fuel economy paced at 28-city is best cars for dogs, while its’ compact is on interior space. Other features involve 33.1 mixed miles/gallon, 39-highway, and 94.6 cubic-feet passenger space. The back seat of this used car vehicle is just perfect for a big size dog or two mid-size dogs, whereas its trunk can easily carry large sacks of animal chow. Civic Sedan model is considered as one of the smallest sizes among other trendy cars for the owners. Passenger volume: 94.6 cubic feet

`2012 Honda Civic Photos
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MSRP: $19,595 / Average Market Price: $18,591 / Prospective Discount: $1,004 or 5.1%

8# 2012 Hyundai Elantra Sedan Auto Limited: Elantra Sedan has an amazing style with a sporty profile. It affords a passenger space of 95.6 cubic-feet which helps the passengers along with pet animals to travel with ease.  Hyundai Elantra features 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine assisted to a 6-speed transmission which offers steady performance, with fuel economy paced at 29 mpg city, 34.2 mpg combined, and 40 mpg highway. If the climate at your place is cold, your doggies would be glad about Elantra’s heated rear seats where they can comfortably stand or sit, as per their choices. Passenger volume: 95.6 cubic feet is the best cars for dogs

2012 Hyundai Elantra Photos

MSRP: $21,370 / Average Market Price: $20,988 / Prospective Discount: $382 or 1.8%

9# 2012 Toyota Camry Sedan I4 Auto SE: This Sedan has enough room to occupy up to five people or even carry large pets as its cabin space is 102 cubic-feet is best cars for dogs. It comprises of 30 mpg highway, fuel economy rated at 21mpg city and combined 25 mpg. Toyota Camry Sedan also includes Entune connectivity that is valued by the passengers which allow them to use few trendy mobile apps and data services like, OpenTable for movie reservations, Pandora for music, and Bing for search. Passenger volume: 102 cubic feet

2012 Toyota Camry Photos
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MSRP: $23,980 / Average Market Price: $22,704 / Prospective Discount: $1,276 or 5.3%

10# 2012 Toyota Prius 5-door HB Three: Known to be the trendiest hybrid car for the best cars for dogs & pet owners, this model has quite a spacious interior with huge cargo place of 21.6 cubic feet. The carrier of the car is generally for the small-size pets. It comprises of fuel economy at 51 mpg city, 49.3 mpg combined, and 48-highway. Passenger volume: 93.7 cubic feet

2012 Toyota Camry Photos
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MSRP: $26,325 / Average Market Price: $25,705 / Prospective Discount: $620 or 2.4%

Well, if you are set to a buy a new car for carrying your pets, you are recommended to do a car search online on CAR PACE that would show you the best cars for dogs & pet owners available at a perfect price and great features. You’ll have a stress-free buying experience!

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