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13 Most Important Questions to Ask while Buying a Used Car?

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If you have nearby finalized on one or two used cars which you are keen to buy from a dealer or private party, you can jot down few questions which you can ask via phone or in person regarding the car condition, features and background history. Those answers you would get from them will assist you to decide whether the used car is worth buying or not. Though you will be aware of the car from the 120 point inspection, you should throw accurate questions to the dealership that will show you the actual value of purchasing that car.

Important Questions to Inquire About Buying a used car

  1. If the vehicle is certified, can I view the pre-certification inspection of the car?
    All the certified vehicles have to undergo an inspection test before they can be given the tag of ‘certified’. You can ask the dealer about the paperwork which you want to see personally about what exactly was fixed. Pre-certification of the car is a fine paperwork to keep hold of future crisis if any, faced.

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  2. What is your budget?
    Before buying a used car, you can review its price from 120 point inspection. But at the same time, you inquire from the dealership owner regarding the budget of the used car. This will help you calculate how much you are willing to spend on your selected car.
  3. What is the current condition of the car?
    When you browse used cars online, you may not be sure of the actual condition of the cars. So you can directly ask the dealer about how well the used car’s condition is which you are planning to buy. You can accompany the seller to the place where the car is kept and see it in front of your eyes and have a clear idea.

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  4. From whom the car was bought from?
    You need to find out from where the car has been purchased. Is it bought from an individual owner or from another dealership or from an auction round? The dealer should show you the papers with owner’s name and address for your satisfaction.
  5. How many miles has the car been driven?
    You should ask about the approximate mileage at which it works and fairly accurate miles it has been smoothly driven. For example, if the car mileage is high above 20,000/year or low than 5,000, you have to ask why it is so! If the vehicle has higher mileage for the reason that the owner is driving on a highway, it’s much better. Medium mileage of the car is considered as fine ride.
  6. How is the car equipped?
    You should enquire about the vital features of the car, and whether that car is listed in the advertisement or not! The key features of the used car should include A/C, transmission type, sound system, airbags, seats, mirror, power windows, sunroof, cruise control, upholstery material, etc. You should double check these features, and check the car’s interior too.
  7. How will you make payment for your used car?
    Firstly ask how you should deliver the payment to the dealer. Is it through cash, cheque? If you’re set to pay via cash, do you have that much huge amount in hand? Be sure how much you want to take out cash from a private bank. If the pay is through cheque, on which bank’s name you have cut the cheque. If you are taking a loan and repay it in installment, then you need to know from the dealer that in how many months you have to pay and in each EMI, how much you have to pay them. As recommended by the several sources, you can pay cash or make a big down-payment to maintain your monthly payments lower.
  8. How do you ensure you acquire the lowest interest rate?
    Browse used cars online where you can obtain the best interest rates. It is suggested that you should visit dealership shops and compare the rates and the terms. The loan rates for the used cars differ on the basis of their years of usage.

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  9. What are the services performed by the dealer on the used vehicle since the time of obtaining it?
    This process would assist you in deciding the exact value you’ll be acquiring for your car buying. So after your purchase, you don’t have to worry at all about the repairs and servicing, nor have to deal with it anytime soon.
  10. Are you having the service records?
    You always want to own a good used car which is well-maintained. So you can tell the dealer to show the service records including the maintenance receipts; receipts for new tires, brakes, new muffler, or any other wear parts which have been replaced. This will aid you to validate the history of the car.
  11. Has the vehicle been recalled?
    Enquire whether any kind of safety recall work was previously carried out, or does it require to be executed! Check the records from the dealers. Evaluate its mileage while recall work was performed.
  12. Has the car been ever affected by any accident?
    Ask if the used car you’re going to buy ever been hit by any accident. If it has, to what extent has the car been damaged? What was its repairing price and from which service center, it got repaired again? Avoid on minor scrapes, but do discuss on any accident that occurred with that car!
  13. How long can I take a test drive?
    Ask the dealer for how much time he will allow you to test drive. Is it for a 15-minutes ride or half-an-hour, or one-hour? Will he allow you to take that used car for an extended test drive? Through test drive, you can understand yourself how well you’ve held over that car drive.

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Hence, go ahead in asking the above questions with full confidence that will end up with buying a used car you love to own for yourself!

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